Aug 14 2015

Pets and Summer Weather

RunningWe’re ready for summer weather and we know our pets are probably looking forward to getting outside too! If you are a very active dog owner and like jogging or running outdoors with your best canine friend, make sure he or she enjoys the activity as much as you do. Just as running isn’t the sport for everyone, it’s not the sport for every dog either.

First remember that running injuries are not restricted to two-legged runners. Remember that while you are wearing well-padded shoes, your canine companions are not. Running on concrete can put a lot of stress on your dog’s body and put them at risk of having injuries.

Remember that your dog’s breed may play a role too. Huskies, for example, might be much happier in cold weather and very miserable in the heat. Be aware of this before taking your best friend for a run.

Finally, if you have a short-nose dog like a pug, mastiff or boxer, know that these dogs have abnormalities in their airways, which makes it harder for them to breath.

To keep you and your pet safe when running, follow these simple rules from the American Veterinary Medical Association

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