Aug 14 2015

Mother’s Day Gift: What Dog Breed Is Right for Your Mom?

Puppy In A Gift Box And A RoseMother’s day is around the corner, and if you have a mom who is crazy about pets, giving her a puppy on her special day might be a great idea! But how do you find out which breed is right for your mom?? Below are 4 important things to consider:

  • Space: The easiest thing to consider when looking for a dog is space. Does your mom live in an apartment? Does she live in a house? Does she have a backyard? If your mom lives in a house and has a big backyard, almost any breed will work. If she lives in an apartment, small breeds would be better, or any of the following 2 breeds (which make for great apartment dogs): Bichon Frise or Greyhound.
  • Activity Level: You need to make sure you don’t match your not so active mother with an extremely energetic Jack Russel Terrier or vice versa. It is important to think of your mom’s normal activity levels before choosing the right breed for her. Some low-activity dogs are: Shih Tzu, Mastiff, French Bulldog or Bichon Frise; some moderate-activity dogs are: Boston Terrier Affenpinscher or Saluki; some high-activity dogs are: Labrador Retriever, Australian Shepherd, Border Collie or any Terrier.
  • Temperament: Dogs, like humans, have different personalities. You will want to match the dog with your mom’s personality. Is your mom outgoing and friendly? Any Terriers will work well with her. Is she very affectionate? A Golden Retriver will work well for her. Does she have grandchildren visiting all the time? A boxer will be a great companion!
  • Size: Finally, size! Some people are nervous of big dogs, others feel protected by them. Some people are lovers of small dogs like Yorkies or Chihuahuas, others prefer Golden Retrievers. Do you know where your mom stands on this? Find out before you choose the perfect breed of dog for her!

Still not convinced? Use one of the links below to take a dog breed selector quiz:

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