Aug 14 2015

How to Teach Your Dog to Balance a Treat on Their Nose

Watch this 4-minute video to learn how to teach your dog to balance a treat on his nose.

Here is a quick tutorial:

  1. First teach the dog impulse control by holding a hand full of delicious food and asking the dog to leave the food alone until you tell him to get it.
  2. When your dog looks away, mark and reward the behavior with a consistent sound of “yes”
  3. Mark and reward your dog ‘s behavior when it chooses to look away from an open hand. Then repeat this by holding the treat with 2 fingers.
  4. Hold the treat in a closed feast right in front of a dog’s nose. Wait until the dog stops sniffing to reward his behavior. Do the same thing by holding the treat in 2 fingers.
  5. Finally, you should be able to balance the treat on top of the dog’s nose.

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