Aug 14 2015

Fighting Like Cats and Dogs: How to Train a Dog to Live with a Cat?

Dog And CatFor the many of us who are both cat lovers and dog lovers, it is hard to believe that a happy home would have either a cat or a dog. The good news is that there is a way to train dogs to live happily every after in a home filled with cats. Here is how:

  1. Do some research and select breeds that have a high likelihood for compatibility
  2. Start with a puppy. It is much harder to train an adult dog appropriate behavior around other animals.
  3. If bringing a cat into a home where there is already a dog, find a place in the house where the cat can feel safe in the first days while acclimated to the smells and noises of a dog – maybe a second bathroom or guest bedroom.
  4. After a couple of weeks of having the cat living in a separate room, put the dog on a leash and leave the door open for the cat to come out as he wishes. Maintain the dog on a leash for a couple of weeks in the cat’s presence.
  5. Every time you make introductions reward both animals with a treat.

If you take time to make wise adoption choices, orchestrate careful introductions and implement good management programs, you will likely succeed in your desire to turn your home into a peaceable kingdom, where your dogs can live peaceful with your cats!

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