Aug 14 2015

Ear Care for Dogs

woman cleaning her dogs ears on white backgroundKeeping a dog’s ears clean is an essential part of grooming and hygiene routine, and it can reduce the chances of ear infections.

Because dogs don’t have straight ear canals, it is easy for debris and bacteria to accumulate inside the ear and create problems.

In order to clean the external ear canal of your dog, follow these simple instructions:

  1. Soak a cotton ball with ear cleaner
  2. Place the soaked cotton ball into your dog’s ear canal where it is still visible.
  3. Gently manipulate the base of your dog’s ear, to help clean the ear and gently loosen debris.
  4. The ear should then be wiped and cleaned from the inside out.
  5. Important: Don’t insert Q-tips into your dogs ears canal and look for swellings or redness when cleaning the ear.
  6. If you notice an increase in debris or odor in your dog’s ear, have your dog be seen by your veterinarian.

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