Aug 14 2015

Basic Tips for Handling an Injured Pet

a photo of a tiny cute chihuahuaIf your pet is injured, it could be in pain and most likely scared and confused. You will need to be careful to avoid getting hurt, bitten or scratched.

  • Never assume that even the gentlest pet will not bite. Pain and fear can make pets unpredictable and even dangerous.
  • Always keep your face away from an injured pet, and don’t attempt to hug it. This could scare your animal or cause him pain.
  • If necessary (and only if your pet is not vomiting) place a muzzle on the pet to reduce the chances you will be beaten.
  • While transporting your injured pet keep it confined in a small area to reduce the risk of additional injury
  • Call Golden Gate Animal Clinic and let us know you’re bringing in an injured pet.

Always remember that pet first aid should always be followed by immediate veterinary care.

Source: AVMA

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