Aug 14 2015

5 Questions to Ask at Your Cat’s Next Veterinarian Exam

Veterinarian examining cat in clinicIt is important to ask your veterinarian the list of questions below at least once a year, as answers may change from year to year. Write it down and bring the list with you so that once your veterinarian is done explaining things you can look at your list to see if he or she has answered all of your questions.

  1. Is my cat at a healthy weight? According to a study from the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention, about 53% of cats are overweight. Overweight cats are predisposed to a number of health issues, and diabetes is at the top of the list. Ask the question to get an honest answer from your vet on your cat’s body condition.
  2. What should I feed my cat? It is important to learn more about what type of diet will best support your cat’s health. Ask about canned versus dry food and whether or not your veterinarian recommends a specific brand for your kitty.
  3. Which vaccinations are appropriate for my cat? There is no “one size fits all”. To answer this question your veterinarian will need to know your cat’s prior vaccination history, if your cat has contact with other cats, if it travels with you, etc.
  4. Should be doing anything different at home? Your vet may recommend that you change things at home a bit depending on your cat’s age and health. For instance, he or she may request that you increase litter box access to your older cat that has a bladder issue. So make sure to ask if you should be doing anything different at home!
  5. When should I bring my cat back? Always find out what is supposed to happen next after seeing your cat’s veterinarian. The goal here is to always come away with a plan.

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  1. Jack Duff says:

    Thanks for mentioning to ask your vet if you should be feeding your cat any differently. I am going to take my cat into the vet soon, so I want to be prepared. It makes sense that a vet would know what food is the best fit for you cat’s specific needs. I will be sure to ask this!

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