Aug 14 2015

5 Easy Steps to Reduce Veterinary Expenses

  1. For Vet BillSee your veterinary often – this will ensure that you don’t have to spend money fixing a major problem when it happens. The price of wellness exams is nothing compared to the price of fixing a critical problem.
  2. Observe your pet’s behavior – changes in appetite, toilet habits and water intake all can be a sign of a problem. Go see a veterinarian as soon as you notice there is a change in your pet’s behavior. Once again, prevention is much cheaper than treating a critical problem later.
  3. Get ahead of common pet threats – By doing things like keeping your dog on a leash when walking, keeping your cat indoors, keeping your dog in a fenced yard, etc. These basic precautions can do a lot to prevent automobile accidents, fighting, ingesting toxic substances or coming in contact with sick animals, which will help you eliminate the expenses of emergency care.
  4. Practice regular hygiene with your pets – dental disease can add lots to your veterinary expense. Daily brushing of your pet’s teeth will help control tarter, calculus and gum disease. Also, make sure your pet is well groomed and clean to prevent diseases of the ear and the skin.
  5. Prevent pet obesity – obesity puts dogs and cats at risk of avoidable health problems. Remember, since we are responsible for feeding our pets, we are also responsible for their weight management.

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