Aug 14 2015

11 Things You Can Do to Make Travel Safer for You and Your Pet

  1. Ask yourself if taking your pet with you is the right thing to do (if the answer is “no” make arrangements with a pet sitter, etc.)
  2. Make sure your pet will be welcomewhere you’re heading
  3. Make sure you have a Certificate of Veterinary Inspection if you are crossing state lines. You will need to get this within 10 days of your travel.
  4. Have both of these websites handy in case you run into an emergency while traveling with your pet and need to find a veterinarian that you can trust: American Animal Hospital Association’s search and the Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care Society’s emergency clinic directory.
  5. Prior to traveling, make sure your pet is properly identified in case it becomes lost.
  6. Properly restrain your pet with a carrier or harness that is the appropriate size for it. Appropriate size means that he or she can lay down, stand up and turn around.
  7. Make sure your pet is already accustomed to the harness or carrier before the trip. Additional stress can be added to your pet if it is not used to it.
  8. While traveling make frequent stops to allow it to go to the bathroom and stretch its legs.
  9. Take food and water for your pet on the trip.
  10. Bring a current picture of your pet and keep it with you, so it is easy to make “lost” posters if needed.
  11. Don’t forget to take your pet’s medications with you.

For more information and for further traveling with your pets tips go here:

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